Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sweet Holiday Centerpieces

So excited! There is going to be snow!!  Must create a holiday table without spending a lot!!  What do I do? Winter is one of my favorite seasons to entertain …Love cold weather…spending indoor time with family, friends, and what’s better than a festive table!!  When it comes to centerpieces, fresh flowers are beautiful and timeless, but I’m always looking for ways to be creative without spending a lot of money!! How about candy!! Love sweets….wish I didn’t!  But….what do you think of this??


Don’t you love the way the licorice looks? Just like red grass around the lollipop flowers!!  The glass vases are simple, inexpensive an elegant touch to show off the candy colors. I use these vases all the time with different themes!! Good size, shape that you can use to create different ideas!  How about other candy….Like Snickers, miniature marshmallows, foiled wrapped candies??  Yummy! Yummy!  I will show you some favorite sweets, really soon!!
Enjoy!! Don’t eat too much!!
Love, Andrea
P.S. The color combos of licorice and lollypops are totally now! Remind me of my childhood trips to the dentist….

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